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All I have time for today is a few major news headlines, a birthday shout-out, and my two-cents. So here we go!

Kurtis Gilliat. What a guy. It's his birthday today or something like that. Kurtis is himself no matter what the situation. Kurtis wants everyone to get along, be loving and kind, and he always wants the people around him to be happy. Kurtis is a very smart guy, who loves having fun. He's an incredible person and an amazing FHE brother! He's one of those people that you can completely be yourself around, and he'll still love you. He never gets mad, even when I call him a specific name that he thinks sounds baby-ish, and he's a loyal friend. So here's to you Kurtis! Happy birthday, and thanks for being one of my best friends (with no benefits.) Love you!!

Yup.....that's him folks!

And lastly. I'm not going to be posting my opinion about all the gay marriage stuff on this blog. If you really want to know my opinion, you can ask me. But please know that whether you agree or disagree with me, we can still be friends. I try to have love for everyone and my opinion on the matter doesn't change that at all.

Also. My blog just got approved for ads!!! We're slowly but surely moving up in the world. You could help by recommending this blog to your friends, family, enemies...whatever;) Love you all! Happy Wednesday!

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