News: March 26, 2013

9:09 AM

New York Times Headline: In Landmark Case, Justices Debate Gay Marriage

Today the Supreme Court will determine the definition of marriage, which could be the last word on the United States position on gay marriage. The main argument is against California law Proposition 8, which doesn't allow gays to be married in the state of California. A decision will be reached at some point today.

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New York Times Headline: Rome Court Overturns Acquittal of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox, an American exchange student, was on trial for charges of killing her roommate in 2007. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison, but the convictions were overturned and Amanda was able to go back to the United States. She thought the whole thing was over. Then the lawyers of the murdered girl filed an appeal to have the trial reheard, and a Roman court accepted that appeal. So the entire trial will be reheard, though it is unlikely that Amanda will return to Italy for the trial.

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Washington Post Headline: Summly and its teen founder snapped up by Yahoo

Nick D’Aloisio, the founder of the app Summly, has $30 million dollars and a new career. And he's 17. This app allows readers to skim through news briefs that quickly explain the major news headlines. D'Alosio sold this app, and also will have a major place in the Yahoo! corporation as they begin to market the app as their own.

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Those are the major headlines today! Enjoy!

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