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I have many favorite things. But one of my very, very, very, very favorites is shoes. Just ask my mom. She'll tell you. People have misconceptions about shoes unfortunately, and I would like to give my opinion on what shoes you are allowed to where, when! Keep in mind, this is merely my opinion. Some of you probably dress a lot better than I do and will think this whole thing is crazy. Nevertheless, I shall carry on.

1. The Boot
Whether black or brown, the classy, dressy boot is a staple to a wardrobe. These can be worn literally in all seasons. Some of you are shocked right now thinking "IN THE SUMMER? WHAT IS SHE THINKING." Yes. You can wear boots in the summer IF they are paired with the right outfit. A dress date you can rock jeans (black or blue,) a cute short sleeve top, and a pair of boots. Honest to goodness. You can do it. Boots are a classic fall and winter wear, but can also be worn with skirts in spring and summer, as well as in the above mentioned situation. Boots. Yes. Do it.

2. The Sandal
Sandals should be worn with caution only in the late spring/summer/early fall months. Once it gets too chilly outside, put them away! Sandals can be rocked with capris, long pants, and skirts. Just don't wear a super casual pair with a super dressy outfit. 

3. The High Heel
I may be a bit biased about heels, seeing as I LOVE THEM. But my opinion is that high heels can be worn during all months! Winter it's a little more difficult, since there's snow on the ground, but it can be done. I think heels should be worn with a dress or skirt, and can be used to dress up an outfit if you pair them with long jeans. I'm not a fan of heels and capris or shorts. Some people are though. It's a personal problem. But a pair of black and nude heels are essential and can instantly class up any outfit. 

4. The Ballet Flat
Ballet flats. One of the most versatile shoes out there. Wear them in all seasons, with most outfits (but not with something super casual. Like a hoodie. Or sweats.) Basically, in most situations, you can wear the ballet flat.

5. Casual shoes
Casual shoes are classified as Vans, Keds, Converse, Pumas, Tennis Shoes, Toms, etc. Casual shoes can be worn in all seasons with a variety of outfits, as long as they aren't dressy. Basically we're just using common sense. If you're wearing a shirt with ruffles or a collar, casual shoes probably aren't a good idea. 

And that my friends, is my opinion on shoes. 

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