One Beautiful Phone Call

8:59 PM

So today I got one of the best phone calls of my life. I got to talk to Elder Randy Low for a good thirty minutes. And let me tell you folks, it was a wonderful thirty minutes. We got to talk about everything that was going on, be sad together and happy together, everything. That boy is seriously my best friend. He's so excited to be heading to Japan and so ready to serve. He's already an incredible missionary and I can't wait to see how he continues to learn and grow. Saying goodbye for a second time was hard, but it was ok. I know he is right where he is supposed to be, doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. I couldn't possibly be more proud of him.

AH I just miss that boy. A lot. But I'm really happy with where things are going and how I'm living my life. BYU is awesome and I'm having a great time figuring out myself and being independent. I have an awesome group of wardies and friends, a great family, and the very best friend ever.

Yay for phone calls from the Seattle airport and giving a man in that airport a Book of Mormon, for laughing hysterically in the temple, for lots of "I miss you's," for the First Vision in Japanese, for confidence in the future, for catching up on all the gossip, for apologies about things that don't require an apology, for standing up for me in every situation, for memories about Easter and more memories to come, for plans for the next phone call, for laughing through the tears and the "see you soon" before the "love you, bye." Yay for Elder Low:)

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