The War

8:36 AM

There was a war going on in a faraway land. Brave knights and ladyknights fought long and hard to win a battle. There was on ladyknight who was a little scared, very unsure about her role in the war. She had many people fighting with her who she loved and respected very much. They helped her fight and become stronger. She was so grateful to those people for all they were doing to help her as they fought this scary war against the enemy.

Some of the fighters she was closer to than others. She told them where she felt weak, she told them everything really.

Sometimes they listened.

Other times they didn't.

She had many people fighting with her who cared and she knew that. But she only trusted a few.

One day during a particularly scary battle, the ladyknight was afraid. Things had been spiraling downhill a bit in this particular time, and she knew she was weak. She reached out to a few knights and ladyknights and they helped. So very much.

And then, in a moment when she felt safe and secure, she realized she was alone and she was ok. Because she knew they were all close by.

And then.

The knife in her back.

One friend turned into an enemy right before her eyes.

And celebrated that she was no longer happy, no longer felt safe or secure.

And gloried in her fall.

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