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So last night I went and saw The Vow. It was really hard to watch, but incredible. I loved it. And it really got me thinking. In the show, they talk about moments of impact. And so I thought I should probably keep track of some of my moments of impact.

-My first memory is playing with Jennifer and Ashley in the front yard. I don't know how old I was. It was a good day :)

-Kindergarton. Playing with Lydia and Ken on the little toy and Mrs. Newman reading stories. I remember going to ballet and skipping and jumping and being spghetti and being in our house behind the bar. Meeting Carly.

-First Grade. Mrs. Child telling my mom I was a good writer, but I should write about real things not just pretend things. I wasn't sure what she meant, the things I was writing about were real to me.

-Second Grade. I remember Dylan inviting me to his birthday parties, Mr. W's stories and his glass eye, talking about the Olympics, and getting baptized. I remember wanting to not do anything wrong ever so I would never be unclean.

-Third Grade. I remember going into Spectrum for the first time. Not really knowing anybody, then becoming friends with some girls. That was a moment of impact. I remember getting hit in the face with a soccer ball and being chosen to be the lead part for the third graders in the play.

-Fourth grade moment of impact was loving to write. Being in the play. Being the judge and newspaper writer in our mini-state.

-Fifth grade moments of impact were realizing that people in my old school thought I was different.

-Sixth grade moments of impact were dancing with boys, being the lead in the play, playing soccer with the boys at recess.

-Seventh grade was hard. Trying to fit back in, loving junior high but also hating it, running track and trying to make new friends but always wanting to stay with the old. Going to the temple.

-Eighth grade was full of drama. I remember loving yearbook even though sometimes I know they were talking about me. I pretended not to notice or not to care. I remember walking around the neighborhood and summer days when the boys came and sat on my front porch. My patriarchal blessing.

-Ninth grade I remember too many things. Things I'd rather forget, even though they were all moments of impact. I do remember writing a paper about Charlotte Bronte and absolutely loving to write it.

-Sophomore year. I remember being excited for high school, working at Cherry Hill, Mrs. Hall telling me she really liked me as a student. Jackson. Dating and driving and feeling on top of the world. I came crashing back to reality pretty hard. But I learned. My brother opened his mission call and left. I realized this year how much I loved the temple.

-Last year the moments of impact are too many. Being on DTV and realizing I loved it. Taking the ACT. Fighting with my parents and loving them the next minute for something they did. Realizing my new house wasn't the same, that my sisters and I didn't play some things any more. My brother was gone. Productions which was probably the best thing that happened to me. Being in the Advanced ballet class. Too many things to name.

This year I'm still having moments of impact. And I just hope that I can remember them all and remember how they changed me.

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