A LONG weekend

12:59 PM

So this weekend has been a LONG weekend. Full of good things and bad. Thursday night we went to Smed's house for her birthday and had tons of fun :) Randy and I cried off early because we both didn't feel great, but it was still a good night.

Then Friday my parents went out of town for Valentine's Day. And we celebrated my best friend's birthday! Bandy came over and baked a cake and played games and went to the store with me. It was lots of fun :)Then out to dinner where we got some bittersweet news. I got into BYU and Randy didn't. I'm excited but at the same time really unsure about how to feel. Everything's going to work out and we both know that they will, but it's a little bit hard. But bowling and photobooth pictures afterwards made it ok :) We watched Step Up 3 and then I went to bed, exhausted.

Saturday...Bandy and I are legal :) I ran around cleaning my house and then went to Zuppas with Kira and Megan and Shayli. It was so much fun :) I love those girls with all of my heart. They were dying to know about BYU and my date night. It was lots of fun. Then Randy and I fed duckies and had hot chocolate with his family, which was fun. Dinner and She's the Man with my sisters...off to Tim's house to chill with all my productions friends, Emi and Ash and Hailee and Morg stopped by. I haven't spent as much time with them lately as I would like. I'm not really sure why that is....we're all busy. Maybe I should put more effort in.

Church today was good. I love playing for Primary. The kids are so great :) A cute newlywed couple spoke in Sacrament Meeting and they were so fun. I just love the Gospel, and I'm not very verbal about that. But I do. I have so many things that I'm grateful for.

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