True Friends

11:09 AM

Sometimes I go and take pictures with Hailee, Randy, and Katelyn in Bountiful. Well it's only happened once, but you catch my drift. It was wonderful. Running around FREEZING and trying to smile as the wind was blowing my hair around. It was great fun. And then Hailee stopped by and brought me brownies and the rest of the pictures, and this note. This note that made me realize what a wonderful person she is. She wrote about this year being the year to find out who is going to be there for me, how just listening to me and Randy talk, she knew that whatever happened between us, he'd always have my back. She wrote about always having the Gospel and the Savior on my side. And she wrote that she hoped I knew that she was always there for me. I adore this girl so much.

And she got me thinking. I'm not being the kind of friend I should be. It was ironic that she gave me that note when she did, because just two days earlier I had been thinking about friendships and what was going to last and what wasn't. Her note was inspired I think. She's an inspired individual.

And I want to be more like her.

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