12:27 PM

So I had a lot of fun at the Halloween Dance! We danced like crazy, had an awesome time playing fear factor, took fun pictures and had an all around great time. :) Some things were weird...but that doesn't matter. Things were great.

But weirdly enough while I was there, I felt replaced. Who knew that someone would come in, a great someone that is, and kind of take the spot I thought was mine? I thought three was a crowd...turns out four is too. I know it's not on purpose...but it's still happening. And I don't know how to fix it.'s really hard to focus on someone, when someone else is completely occupying your mind. I figured out last night how all the little gestures and glances and reassuring touches mean to me. So in a was good, even though it was hard.

Back to feeling replaced. The question is not so much what do I do to stop it, but what do I do to be ok with it?

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