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So last night we had a girls night. We haven't had one in forever. It was good, crazy fun. But sitting on the tramp talking made me realize something. Three of my best girl friends are going to school, probably together. And probably without me. Most of my friends are going somewhere else for school. I am so scared, not of being alone, but of losing them. And it didn't hit me until sitting there with all of them. It made me sick, I had to go home. I already felt out of the loop and I am. And I will continue to be. And there isn't anything I can do to fix it. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to go to college. But going potentially alone, knowing all my friends are together somewhere else, the one person I really really really want to be there might not even be there...that's terrifying. These girls have been my life for years. What am I going to do when they continue to be each other's lives...but not mine. And when I'm not a part of their lives either?

That makes me more afraid than anything.

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  1. Ah hon. You know that won't happen. Do you honestly think that just because we'll be an hour apart, we won't be friends anymore? That, my dear, is ridiculous. I promise, that I will be waiting on the other end of the phone to hear about every single day of your life at the Y. I'll sit next to you at every single one of the farewells we'll have to attend. And of course, I'll be the one directing your lovely little boyfriend-whoever that may be-to propose exactly right. Don't worry. I promise.:)

  2. The ones that matter stick around, Maddy. They will ALWAYS be there. I promise.


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