Dance of Life

8:19 PM

I imagine
Our first dance,
I can’t even breathe,
The air is full of romance.
The tune is soft,
Your eyes are deep,
This moment is one,
I’ll long to keep.

I imagine
A dance at my door,
The night is over,
But we want more.
We sway and dip,
Spin and twirl,
It’s then I’ll realize,
You’re my world.

I imagine
A dance that night,
When you kneel,
And ask me to be your wife.
I kiss you yes,
We dance till dawn,
You smile at me,
And slide a ring on.

I imagine
A dance that day,
When everything changes,
In ever way.
I’m wearing white,
We’re in this together,
This is a dance,
That will last forever.

I imagine
A dance close to
A baby boy
So tiny and new.
We smile at him,
We dance so close,
This is the moment,
We’ve yearned for most.

I imagine
A dance in a mess.
The children are screaming.
The house is a wreck.
But we remain calm,
Amid the storm,
Because this is the family,
We’ve waited for.

I imagine
A dance after tears,
The trials have piled up
Over the years.
We push right through,
We keep on trying,
And dance right through
The battle we’re fighting.

I imagine
A dance while we wait,
For our oldest daughter,
To come home from a date.
We smile as she,
Rushes into the room,
To tell us about,
The dream come true.

I imagine
A dance as we age,
We never thought
We’d get this grey!
We still love to laugh,
We dance alone,
In this old house,
That became our home.

I imagine
Our last dance,
I still can’t breathe,
The air’s still thick with romance.
I got just what I wanted,
I got a man,
Who’d dance though life,
Holding my hand.

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