8:11 AM

So things are crazy crazy busy! Studying for AP art history, doing things for English and DTV, working on productions and trying to keep everything else in place. It's hard. I'm still feeling like I'm being replaced in basically every aspect of my life. In productions I'm not the dancer any more, in school I'm not the smartest, in DTV I'm not the go-to person, in ballet I'm not any better or any worse than anybody else, and I'm not in Nutcracker. My sister has the part I could have if I were. It's hard watching other people live what I thought was my life. Oh well. I'll get over it. Right?

So I found a cute list of things that someone needs to be prepared for if they're going to be with me :)

-A million questions
-Uncontrollable laughter
-My family
-My appetite
-Musical outbursts
-My friends
-Sad/Happy tears
-Random dancing
-Deep talks
-My imagination
-My dreams
-Walks in the rain
-Random texts
-Useless arguments
-Acceptance of the real me

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