Homeward Bound

8:23 AM

So I got a 31 on the ACT. Again. Again. Again. I needed a 33. And I didn't get it. I'm not taking it again. I'll just have to hope that it's good enough to get me an ok scholarship. I'm disappointed yes, but because I expected more from myself. Not because anybody expected anything else from me.

This weekend was AMAZING. We performed at the Performing Arts concert. After singing Homeward Bound for the first time on-stage, we walked off as a class. For the first time. No competition, nothing else mattered. We were together and that was good enough. I was so relieved. I never thought we were going to get there. Then we had a crazy fun part at Becca's after, with lots more singing and dancing and launching people off bean bag chairs. It was a perfect night. And then Saturday was full of funny blocking and being too loud at Wingers and more performing. Then a party where it wasn't as fun. I realized why I love my friends and those other people were a small chapter in my life. They don't deserve another chapter. There are some of them that will cross over to the rest of my story. And a lot more that won't. So we ended up going to Cemetary Park and talking and talking and laughing and couple creeping. And being scared about the future. But it was great.

Then Sunday I got a calling and got set apart. And I'm terrified but so excited at the same time. I realized that there are some things I really have to work on but that it's ok, that I am ready and that everything is going to be fine.

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