One Week Left of Childhood

9:27 AM

So I'm going to be 18 in one week.
Yes, yes it is.

I realized I have learned a lot in my 18 years that I didn't plan on learning, and haven't learned enough to be ready to be an adult.
I've learned how to fake a smile.
How to get over a broken heart.
How to figure out who real friends are.
How to listen, sometimes.
How to be a better person.
How to laugh through pain.
How to cry with someone in pain.
The list goes on and on. But I've made a list of things I want to do before my childhood comes to an end.

1. Play at the park
2. Color some pictures.
3. Run away from home for a minute.
4. Bubble bath.
5. Go on a bike ride.
6. Take a nap.
7. Get tucked in.
8. Roller blade.
9. Blow bubbles/draw with chalk.
10. Watch a Disney movie.
11. Get a kid's meal.
12. Puddle jumping.
13. Play-doh.
14. Make a total mess of something

I am terrified of having to be an adult and fend for myself. But something I do know, is that I have had great parents who have gotten me this far, great friends who will help me continue to get farther, great family who always backs me up, someone that I care about who will be there for me :) mistakes that I learned from and many more to make, and a whole world of experiences ready for me, the gospel which will get me farther than anything else in the world, and the testimony that I have that will change my life forever. Childhood, we've got one week left. Let's make it count.

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