24 Week Bumpdate

5:51 PM

Symptoms: I put on some of my high heels this week and they were tight! I've been SO worried about swelling because I have SO many shoes hahaha.
Sleep: I'm getting lots better sleep, my back is still hurting a bit and sometimes it takes a while to get comfy.
Baby is: The size of a GI Joe! Which is so fun since he was the size of a Barbie last week! He moves around lots, and this week especially I have felt like he is always letting me know he's there and reminding me what matters.
Gender: BABY BOY! 
Dad is: A rock star. We've had the craziest week, which included a job change for me and MOVING. Dad hauled ALL the stuff to our new place and was there for me every second I was unsure and crying and freaking out. He's just amazing
Mom is craving: Random things at random times, chocolate shakes one minute, broccoli the next, it's all weird.
Funny things this week: I'll do a whole post on a life update we've been having, but our life has been NUTS. We are so blessed to have amazing family and friend who have been there to help us every step. Randy is a rockstar, and we just feel so lucky that this little boy will be making our family even more complete soon. 

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