21 Week Bumpdate

7:09 AM

We've been getting back into the grind of working and school which has been crazy! The saddest thing happened this week, my poor mom tore her meniscus falling on the ice! So we've been running up to Kaysville to help get her to her college classes (yes, my mom goes to college! #mastersdegree). It's been so hard to see her hardly able to move, but it's been great to spend more time with her! Randy's first few days of classes have been going well and we are loving 2018 so far! 
On to the bumpdate! 
Symptoms: My hair is WACKY. Most people say their hair gets thick and shiny with pregnancy, mine has been breaking and being ridiculous! I'm so sad because I love my hair and have never had issues with it! 
Sleep: Sleeping is still sometimes difficult but I feel more rested which is nice! 
Baby is: The size of a baseball cap! At our 20 week ultrasound we were told he has a small stomach and I have a low lying placenta (all compared to the averages) so we are heading back for a follow up ultrasound in February. I'll take any chance to see little man! He moves ALL the time and I will be at work or in bed and just bust up laughing because it's so funny to me. 
Gender: BABY BOY!
Dad is: So sweet to little dude, and so on board with all my crazy pregnancy emotions that have me crying all the time.
Mom is craving: Pho (as usual) and that's about it! I am SUPER hungry all the time though which is so weird! 
Funny things this week: Little dude just moves around like crazy, my app says baby should sleep 14 hours a day but I swear he is awake 24/7! 

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  1. Okay don't stress about your hair too much. Mine was the same for a while and now it has stopped shedding and breaking so much and has gotten much healthier. I felt the same as you, I was sooo sad!


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