22 Week Bumpdate

7:04 AM

Symptoms: Lots of back pain, especially after sitting my office chair all day - I really need to find a new one! 
Sleep: Lots of vivid dreams still, and if little dude is sitting just right it's IMPOSSIBLE to lay down. He also loves to bounce around right before bed.
Baby is: The size of an ear of corn! Little dude moves around a lot and dad feels him punch or kick all the time. 
Gender: BABY BOY! We're starting to look at nursery decor and I have some really fun ideas that I'm excited about! 
Dad is: Getting so antsy for little man to be here! It's adorable.
Mom is craving: Kale smoothies and ice cream - a perfect combo, right?
Funny things this week: For some reason I feel like I have to have EVERYTHING ready in the next few weeks, which is crazy. But I've been buying up gear and things like crazy! Am I the only one??

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