What I learned at the BYU game

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Friends. Life is good. Always busy (I write that every post, don't I) but SO good.

This week has been a whirlwind of school, work, school, work sleeping, cooking, visits to the MOA to see the AMAZING movie costume exhibit (seriously, it blew my mind. And the Hindu art exhibit was also incredible. I learned that Devi is my personal deity. Who would've guessed?) an intramural game, being on the field before the BYU game to help deal with the media and the new recruits, meeting President Utchdorf while on the field before the game, also meeting Dave Rose, saying hi to Jimmer, watching BYU destroy Virginia, going to a slip n' slide down a huge hill, went to an AWESOME Provo party where we danced like crazy, watched some awesome performers including Kenz Hall and Mimi Knowles, and actually met one of the rap groups, Tha Connection, then came home and downed two pazookies and formed the CC. Then today was the temple dedication, emailing my favorite missionary, and dessert night. Basically it was an awesome weekend.

Us and our good friend Justin "Jus A Fly Guy" Cooper from The Connection

Game day!

This is Rachel, exhausted after a long day with the council

One thing I want to share that I learned at the BYU game: we were sitting in the student section, and we were right next to the non-students. People who just bought tickets. And let me tell you, those were the rudest BYU fans I've ever sat next to. Grown men screaming in front of their kids. It was awful. They were ruder than any student I've ever been around. So just remember when you're an adult, it's probably best not to act like a kid. It was embarrassing.

Anyway, other than that I just want everyone to know I love temples, I love my friends, I love my family, and I am one happy blogger.

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