10 Things Every BYU Freshman Should Know

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Well hello, school started. What is this??? I know some of you started last week, but we're all brand new at this school thing. It's kinda crazy! I can't believe I'm starting my senior year here at BYU. Where did the time go??

Typical first day of school pic!

In honor of school, I wanted to write a little post for all the BYU Freshman out there who are trying to figure out this crazy school. Hence, 10 things every BYU freshman should know. Some of these may apply to other freshman as well!

1. This is a big school. You won't know your professors personally, you won't always know the name of the person sitting next to you, etc. And that's ok! It's great to be friendly and try and meet lots of new people, but don't feel bad if you don't know everyone's name right away.

2. There are some standard questions you should be prepared to ask and answer. What's your name, where are you from, what's your major, and occasionally some details about your family (how many siblings you have, etc.) Those are the standard questions that everyone is asking everyone, so prepare accordingly.

3. Everyone is good at everything. It's rare at BYU to find something you're the very, very best at. You were valedictorian? So was everyone else. You have played the piano since birth? So has everyone else. You can walk on your hands to class while eating breakfast? So can everyone else. But that's ok! Find the things you're good at, and stop comparing yourself to others. You can still shine in a different way than you're used to.

4. Do your homework. Some people won't do reading, put off assignments, don't study for tests. You could get away with that in high school. Not here. Do your work, or you won't get a good grade. End of story!

5. It's not all about dating. There is a culture of dating here at BYU. Some people love it, some hate it, but in all honesty it's important. But don't let that be your only focus. Focus on learning, having fun, making friends, and the dating will come!

6. There are some cliche BYU traditions you might think you're too cool for, like hiking the Y or singing the fight song. Don't be too cool for this school. It's an incredible place, and I can guarantee you'll have more fun if you let yourself be here, doing BYU things.

7. Don't forget that for every person who got in, four people didn't. You are very, very lucky to be here. There are people who really wanted to go to this school, and aren't here. Don't take your spot for granted.

8. Get involved! You heard this all during high school, but now it's real. Don't get caught up in the "too cool for anything" idea. Join a club. I was a Student Alumni director and it was one of the best decisions I've made. Go to the opening social of your major, meet your ward and neighbors, go to activities on campus. Don't be lame, have fun!

9. Don't be so hard on yourself. College is hard. It's stressful living by yourself, doing your own laundry and spending crazy amounts of money on things you thought were free before. Give yourself a break. You don't have to be perfect, it's ok to spend a Saturday in your PJ's watching movies. Cut yourself some slack!

10. HAVE FUN. Ok, totally cliche thing, but seriously. Have fun while you're here. Trust me, it goes by so much faster than you think. Before you know it you're sitting at the front door of senior year, wondering what happened, hoping that you spent your time wisely. Don't get caught up in drama, don't stress too much, do good school work and enjoy yourself! This is a one time thing. So have fun!

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