Life isn't fair

8:37 AM

Life isn't fair. But it's not meant to be fair.

To make a long story short, because of the Affordable Care Act, I can't be on the payroll of both KSL and BYU because they are owned by the same company. And other confusing things. And since BYU Radio is currently providing me paid internship hours for credit that I need to graduate, the choice was kind of made for me. I love both BYU and KSL, and I'm so sad I can't stay working at both this semester. Hopefully, next semester I'll be able to work out an unpaid internship (again) and be back at both places that I love.

But I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I don't understand it right now, but I'm going to be OK with the fact that things happen.

Not to worry, this isn't the last KSL has seen of Madeleine Richards.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Oh man I feel ya. Life happens and it feels like it is just working against you. But just like you said, Heavenly Father has a plan!


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