How to have an amazing birthday

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What a wonderful day of birth I had. I have to tell you, my friends and family are out of this world wonderful. They've made my whole life amazing, and they made my special 21st birthday awesome as well. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, and thanks to all the people who have made my 21 years on earth incredible. I'm very lucky!

Ok, seriously. My mom is wonderful. Barbie anchor set for the top of my cake!

This is a look of pure joy my friends.

Birthday Dinner: Chicken Alabam (aka, breaded chicken with cream and butter and onions and paprika) over pasta. Cakes at my birthday: Peach Crisp, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cool Whip Frosting, Lemon Bars. I'm the luckiest girl alive!  

Awww sisters! 

Snowman bag...I love it:)
Just modeling my new sweater...

This awesome guy bought me birthday breakfast on the actual birthday, plus threw me a party with all my friends the night before! I lucked out in my brotha from anotha motha. 

My cute roomies (and ex roomie Linds) took me to dinner at La Jolla Groves the night of my birthday! I'm so lucky:)
We are cute:) I love my friends!

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