I bleed blue

11:37 AM

Sometimes people may look at me and think I'm a nostalgic, passionate, emotional mess. And mostly they'd be right. 

So prepare yourself for a little passionate, emotional nostalgia.

Today I went to the Unforum, or the last BYU Devotional, of the school year. Yes I'll be here in the spring and in the fall, but this was the last one for this full school year. And it was the last one with President and Sister Samuelson. Let me tell you folks, if you don't know who those fine people are you are missing out. President Samuelson is such an amazing man, who cares about BYU so much. He and his wife made such an effort to be with the students, to integrate themselves into their lives, and to let them know how much they matter. I feel very lucky that I got to be here for a few years while he was the President of BYU.

Also, some real talk. I love BYU more than just about anything. It's honestly been the best experience in the world for me. BYU is the perfect fit for me, and I'm so happy I have another year here to learn and grow. Yes, I am getting a little weepy thinking this next year is my last at BYU. I made a BYU Bucket List, plotted out all the ways that I could stay a little longer, and came to the conclusion that I'll be outta here by April 2015, or August 2015 at the very, very latest. So hurrah for Finals Week coming up, hurrah for Junior Year, and hurrah for BYU!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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