Fits of Writing

1:15 PM

Sometimes I get into these writing fits where I just need to sit down and let it out. It's like crying; all that pent up stuff and sometimes you need to let it out.

I'm convinced that someday this fit of writing will lead me to a book...but we'll see if one day I have the time and energy to commit to that. Lately I've barely been able to commit to this dear little blog, and that's nothing compared to the novel that's churning in my heart. By that point it won't matter if nobody reads it but me.

I've been happy lately. Not that this is something novel and strange and unique, but in a small way it is. Being happy takes practice. It's easy to be sad, to complain and to be upset about every little thing. Happy isn't something that happens. It takes work. It takes making sure you're surrounded by people that want you to be happy, and want to be happy themselves. I've gotten better at that. It takes deciding that apologizing is good, and that criticism isn't the worst thing in the world. But it also takes sticking up for what you believe in. It's this balancing act that could be exhausting, but you're too busy being happy to be too tired from it.

It's naive and I'm young, but I hope that I remember being happy when life gets harder.

I hope I remember what it's like to live without someone that you care about, and never take my loved ones for granted.

I hope I remember that Hershey Kisses are magical.

I hope I remember how much fun a ride up the canyon can be.

I hope I remember 2 AM as a fun, laughing, and happy time.

I hope I'm never too old for Disneyland.

I hope I remember to keep practicing being happy every day.

Happy Friday everyone, and happy finals for me!

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