Days at Disneyland

4:28 PM

Hey friends! SO I am the WORST at blogging. Seriously it's bad. I promise I will start being better!

I have so much to share it's not even funny.

Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of what's been up!

Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World, the San Diego temple and the beach. It was a fantastic week off with my family, a week full of laughs and no stress! Unfortunately, it's back to reality now. Gearing up for finals week and then on to Spring term!

Also, wasn't General Conference fantastic?!? I learned so much and was so spiritually uplifted. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, or didn't get to see General Conference, head over to to find out all about it! I'll be posting more about it later.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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