7:44 AM

I have conquered finals.

You heard me.

They're done, over, finished. And I think I did ok to be quite honest.

Finals are hard. There are projects to be turned in after hours spent in the multi-media lab, trying to remember how to use a video program I haven't used in years. (Thanks Terri, I owe my final project grades to you!)

There are hours spent studying or complaining about studying.

There are hours spent in the testing center or the Wilk or the JSB, crammed next to a bunch of other people.

There are the blessed religion finals that you know you should ace, but they're still more difficult than you could've anticipated.

There are presentations with food and awards and clapping at the end.

But it's not all bad.

There are mega-beds in the living room with fans running all night, there are Frozen Hot Chocolate runs and surprise french toast breakfasts, there's a sweet boy who puts up with tears and loud music and yelling, there's homemade fudge and Oreo balls at work, there's encouraging words from my family, especially my mama, and there's always Priesthood blessings and prayer.

So finals week wasn't all bad. Now I just have to erase all the footage I don't need, figure out my minor/classes for next semester, pack, help Dubes through his last finals, figure out how to live without my roomies for two weeks, and wrap a million Christmas presents.

Also I don't have any pictures. So enjoy this song instead?

Happy Thursday everyone!

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