Surviving the break up

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Whether you broke up with him, he broke up with you, or it was a mutual decision, break ups are kinda the worst. But never fear! I have a method of coping with break ups that you might enjoy. Everybody copes a little differently, but here are some of my fool-proof solutions to weather the storm.

1. Put your phone away. You will be tempted to text and confide in lots of people, or call/text him and try to figure it out. Just put it away for a little while!
2. Good friends are a must. Don't drown your sorrows to them, just tell them you're going through this rough thing and even if you only get to talk for a minute, they'll remind you to keep your chin up!
3. Chocolate. This is probably the most important part. If chocolate isn't your junk food of choice, that's ok! Just pick something. For most people, the comfort food that works the best is chocolate. Eat it and enjoy.

4. Let yourself be a little sad. The best thing to do is not try and keep your emotions in. Go somewhere alone and let it out. Be angry or sad or whatever.
5. A good chick flick. For me usually a funny show is the best, but sometimes a dramatic, sad movie is more what you need. Either way, a movie or a TV show will let you think about someone else's problems instead of yours.
6. The next day, get ready. You'll be so tempted to wake up and then stay in bed. The night before was the time to be sad and wear sweats. Today, you get ready!
7. Within the first three days, you go out and do something fun with your friends. Go to a dance, go to dinner, get all dolled up and GET OUT there! You may not feel like it, but I promise it'll be a good thing.
8. Don't text him. Don't call him. If the break up is for real, don't make it worse by begging to be taken back or something. Just be strong! You are fine, life is good and it'll only get better.
9. Try not to rebound. I'm guilty of this...and I promise it ends up not being good. Just flirt with everyone and go on dates but try not to randomly kiss the first guy you see. It's a bad decision!
10. Be happy! So maybe this isn't the most ideal situation, but you're ok. You are special and wonderful and good things are coming. It's ok to be mad or upset, as long as most of the time you try to be happy!

Don't worry kids, my life is good. This post is merely to help my fellow women!

Happy Sunday everyone:)

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  1. Chocolate = yes.
    And ice cream. So much ice cream!
    Although... I still eat too much chocolate and ice cream, and I haven't had to deal with boy drama for two years. It's just so good! Great tips for the fellow women haha :)

    1. I feel like I was stupid and forgot to write ice cream! It should be its own food group...SO lucky you're done with the drama! I'm very jealous!!!


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