So this is Christmas, I hope you had fun...

12:40 PM

I didn't take enough pictures this Christmas. I think I was just trying to live in the moment instead of snap a million photos. Which is ok too, I think. Luckily I have just a few to show you what Christmas in my house is like!

We <3 the snow

First of all, there was Christmas Eve. Which was full of games and movies with Drew, food and family, singing Christmas carols in candle light, opening a wonderful new book, an email from my favorite missionary full of the sweetest things, and a package from him too (he still knows how to shop for me!) and finally, having a good spiritual moment with my family before Santa came.

Then Christmas morning was full of tears as my dad read his favorite Christmas book, matching Nativity sets, laughing and yelling as presents were opened, hot chocolate and candy, and of course the Stocking Exchange. Basically I love my family and this time of year, and the chance we get to spend it together.

My cute sister got me a blazer that I've been DYING to have. My sisters are the best!

Next T-Swift right here

Merry Christmas!
And happy Friday everyone!

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