What they won't tell you about the first week of college

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So you're off to college? It's going to be fun. But here are a few things that they WON'T tell you about the first week. These are things you need to know!

1. You will be homesick. You'll have this moment (or momentS if you're me...) of nostalgia about how great home is, how much you miss your bed, and you'll reminisce about how fast your childhood flew by. It happens. Embrace it and find a way to cope.
2. You will be spending a lot of money. You'll be stocking up on groceries, realizing you need this kind of container, buying books and dropping TONS of cash. Just accept that it's better to get it all at the beginning, than get to a day before a paper is due and realize you don't have a stapler.

3. Know the answers to the following questions: What's your name, what's your major, where are you from, how many people are in your family. These questions will be asked SO MANY TIMES the first week. Just know the answer and be ready to answer/ask these questions. A LOT.
4. People are going to make a snap first impression of you. This can be changed throughout the year, but people will spend five seconds talking to you and think they know you. So make your first impression a good one!
5. You and your roommates will play nice the first week. Be polite, but also be real. If you don't want to share food or plates, nicely let them know. The rules you set towards the beginning will set a precedent for the rest of the semester. So talk about cleaning and sharing while you're all being polite!
6. College is nothing like high school. The classes are harder, you will have to study differently, your free time is different, and your friends are different. Just accept the fact that things change, people change, and that's all normal.

7. Try new things! Try foods you didn't eat at home, read a book you haven't read before, open yourself to new ideas and situations and embrace it! College only happens once!
8. Take pictures. You'll want to remember this first week, I promise!
9. Make your goodbyes meaningful. I wrote notes to my family and friends. Things changed over the year and I'm so glad my family and friends had that note from me before I moved out.
10. HAVE FUN!!!! You will be stressed out of your mind, freaking out and sad, but try and have some fun! It's the beginning of the rest of your life. Enjoy it:)

Remember, the first 16 days of anything are the hardest. You can do it! Good luck to all my dear college freshmen.

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. This is one of the most well thought out lists I've read on this subject :) I love the tip about making goodbyes meaningful! Thanks so much, and as usual I adore your blog:)


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