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2 years ago, Spencer Hafen made this Facebook status:

"As many likes as this status gets, Randy Low will kiss that many girls."

118 likes later, he made a Facebook event.

"On August 13, 2011, Randy Low will True Dart 118 girls."

It was going to be a full moon, which in my high school meant that you went and kissed through the D by the football field and became a "True Dart."

Randy and I had gone from good friends to best friends that summer. He was mortified about the whole situation. He came to see me at work that night. I asked him if he was going True Darting with our friends that night. His response?

"NO WAY. If I show up there, everyone's going to attack me."

I shook my head a little and laughed "Too bad," I said. "I'm going."

Randy Low only kissed one girl that night.

That was the night that started the best two years of my life.

Now, two years later, he's still my best friend. My therapist. My confidant. My crush. My person. Randy has been there for me through everything. Sure, we've had ups and downs, every relationship does. Some days I'm pretty sure I hate him, and I'm sure there are days when he's pretty sure he hates me. But every day I'm very sure that I love him.

Now Randy's off on his mission, doing amazing things in Japan and I could not be more proud of him. He's off having the best two years, and today we get a second to remember that we just had our best two years.

Happy 13th Randy Low.

And happy Tuesday everyone:)

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  1. "Randy Low only kissed one girl that night."

    Stop while I cry for an hour and then write a novel based on how adorable that sentence is. I love you. I love love.

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. Emma you HAVE to see some of the videos he sent me. You will die. He is too cute.

  2. Too cute..!!! Love this post and love your blog!

  3. Seriously made my day! This was the best blog post i've read in a long time!! LOVE IT... LOVE YOU TWO!

  4. Awh.... that was precious.
    You are darling!


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