My college week failed

8:12 PM

I got to day three of my college week posts, then I worked a double and then I worked again and then went on an awesome date. SOOOOOO I'm sorry. Hopefully ya'll are ready for college?;) Anyway here's what's been up lately.

I had my last day at Cherry Hill. I'm all nostalgic. I'm an emotional, passionate person. Maybe that's a bad thing. Maybe not. But anyway, I was sad. I walked around the whole place, taking in all the sights and sounds. I'm going to miss the people I work with. I'm going to miss whizzing around on the golf cart early in the mornings. I'm going to miss all the interesting and fun people I would meet. I'm going to miss the smell of fresh pie pockets and the sound of the scanner as I check someone in. So maybe I'm stupid to get all weepy and nostalgic, but I really am going to miss The Hill. But maybe I'll be around next year:)

This guy took me on an amazing last date before I move away next week. Dinner, the best dessert you can imagine....

These beautiful flowers. I had to play with my new Over app....and yes I'm obsessed. And aren't these roses just the prettiest color EVER?!?!

A carriage ride with Bill and Charlie around beautiful Salt Lake City...

With this perfect view of the temple.:)

I was trying to be all artsy with this picture. It was a perfect date.

So now I'm packing and hoping I can survive this week of moving in. Good luck to everyone who is starting school tomorrow, especially my cute sisters! 

Happy Sunday everyone.

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  1. love your blog!
    would love to follow you with a follow back!

    1. I just went to check out your blog, and I LOVE it! I just followed you on bloglovin' and if you ever wanted to do a blog swap or a button exchange just let me know!



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