Too many odds and ends

11:08 AM

Dearest friends. I am a bit behind blogging wise. I'm all moved in, waited in a horribly long line for a parking pass, am bruised and battered from surgery, spent way too much money on groceries and books, and now am working out wifi problems whilst trying to blog. Our kitchen is a mess and there are boxes everywhere. I keep telling myself we'll figure it all out, but right now it seems like a good time to do nothing instead of try and do everything. I think I'll take a breather, and then tackle the dinosaur problems I need to get tackling.

Leaving home yesterday was very hard. For a million reasons.

But I get to keep moving forward.

Maybe I'll have a minute to snap some better pictures of my apartment and put them up for all you lovely folks tomorrow. We'll see!

Happy Saturday everyone.

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