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First of all, happy 13th to my favorite missionary! So Randy and I write lyrics to our favorite songs on the back of our letters, or quotes from movies, or things like that. So here's what he wrote on the last letter...."There's something in your smile that says everything's gonna be alright." It's part of this song. Listen. I promise it's worth it:)

So yesterday was a super great day:) Jonas and I headed off to Salt Lake City for dinner and a wedding (congrats Bree and Nathan! Ya'll are wonderful:))

He likes SLC:)

So my mom suggested we try Eva. It looked kinda sketch on the outside so we were a little hesitant.....

It was seriously the CUTEST restaurant EVER. I walked in and was in love.

We decided to sit out back....best choice ever. It reminded both Jonas and I of Italy. It was this small, cozy patio with hanging lights and plants. GAH I LOVE THIS PLACE.
And the food was AMAZING. It's a small plate restaurant so you order five or six small plates for the same price as a huge meal. Every single thing we ordered was AMAZING. Even the pig stomach. I don't think Jonas knew that's what we were eating;) 

Happy campers!

So if you're in Salt Lake City and want an amazing restaurant for a great price, that's NOT a chain. Go to Eva. HUGE shout out to my mom for recommending it. 

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. I'm definitely going to try this out next time I'm in Salt Lake! Looks adorable :) Also, I just nominated you for the Liebster Award- because your blog is one of my favorites! Check out my latest blog post to find out more. Have a great day!

  2. I'm going to try next time I'm in salt lake toooo! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  3. Sam--OH MY HECK. You are the sweetest:) Love you girl!

    Erin--Ok I just found your blog. I'm in love. That's all....:)


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