A picture is worth....

6:15 AM

So instead of blabbing on about what's up, I'll show you!

I am so lucky to live so close to a temple. Seriously, it's the biggest blessing. It's easy to remind myself that this is the goal when there are so many, so close. I AM going there someday.

Double date with this cute girl, Jonas and Jonas's brother! We have fun:)
Alyse and I can rock bowling shoes and shorts....

My combined score for two games was the exact same as his score for ONE game. Yeah. I rock at bowling.

Easily the most beautiful hair I've ever seen....seriously. Golden locks of perfection.

And it's totally a guy.....

Last week I sent Randy a picture similar to this, but with my British flag phone case showing. His response? "That phone case is SO MADDY. Also. That's a new shirt. I love it!" He notices the cutest little things:)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Haha!!! That guy and his lovely locks! Speaking of locks, your hair is so pretty! Gah, I hope my children inherit my husband's red hair because gingers are awesome

  2. Your red curly hair makes me want to go and curl mine right now! :)

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