6 months

9:06 AM

Yup. 6 months down today. Elder Low is LOVING Japan. He is getting the language, though it's incredibly hard, and cares so much about the people. He loves teaching English class to the little kids (of course;)) and is so concerned about helping everyone. Typical Randy!

I could not be more proud of that boy.

18 months to go! Also I need help with a big package I'm sending in the next few weeks. So far I have a bunch of junk from the dollar bin at Target (who doesn't need a bacon tie...?) some gum, and a pen. Yeah. I need help! Comment or message me your ideas!

SUPER wish his arm was around me...but it's fine. 

I miss my best friend like crazy, but I KNOW he's doing the right thing being in Japan right now. I couldn't let him go if I didn't know that the message he was sharing was true. It's true folks. I wouldn't let him out of my sight if it wasn't.

Happy Tuesday everyone, and happy 6 months Elder Low!

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