Ideas for Mother's Day

8:22 AM

 No really important news today! I scanned every newspaper source and the there were things about banking and cannibalistic sharks and such. Nothing very important, in my opinion. Maybe I'm just lazy haha.

Anywho on to something new! Mother's Day is just around the corner (MOM STOP READING. THIS MAY HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOU!! LOVE YOU:)) and here are a few ideas of what to get your cute mom on her special day!

  1. If you've been listening, you may have gleaned something she really wants. For example, maybe she's mentioned a few times she wishes she had a specific plant for her yard or that she's heard this certain place is fun to visit. If she's said ANYTHING like that, listen to her. Get her what she actually wants!
  2. Gift card. Sounds dumb, I know. But does she have a favorite restaurant? A treat she loves but doesn't usually buy for herself? If she's like my mom, a Barnes and Noble gift card is always appreciated!
  3. Plants/flowers. I sent my mom flowers last Mother's Day with the words to a Primary song about mothers on the card. She loved it! You can make it meaningful if you just put in a little effort.
  4. Music. Sheet music if she plays an instrument, a CD or iTunes purchase if she loves listening to music, any of those would be a good idea. I bought my mom a song called "She Put The Music In Me" when I left for college. I played it for her while I was in the room. It was a really great moment.
  5. Clothes. I'm the kind of person who always loves getting clothes/jewelry/accessories. If you're mom is like that, take her shopping with you to get exactly what she wants, or if you know her really well go for it! Just don't guess the size wrong...;)
  6. An outing! My family LOVES going on outings and spending time together. We give that to our parents as gifts a lot. They love getting to go somewhere with us, and they don't have to pay! Some of our favorites are Thanksgiving Point, the zoo, the aquarium, Temple square, This Is The Place Heritage Park, or even dinner or a movie!
  7. Videos/Pictures. We make videos or take pictures for my parents every once in a while. They really like having a more permanent memento of us, how we feel about them, and what we're thinking. 
  8. Candy or food. I love food. If your mom does too, this could work out. 
  9. Poem/song/craft. I'm pretty decent at poetry, but it doesn't matter how good you are. If you write something heartfelt your mom will love it. Same goes for a song or a craft. Homemade always is a big hit.
  10. Whatever you do, make it special and individual to your mom. Include a note telling her how much you appreciate and love her. Mom's are people that get taken for granted too often. This is one day of many that you can give back. Do some housework, don't make her cook, help with all the little things she does every day to make her life easier. 
Good luck on your shopping and happy Wednesday everyone!

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