AP Test Week Tips

11:29 AM

I'm sure you're probably sick of my tips, but here are a few for my high school friends as they start AP test week!

  • Don't wear sweats to your test. Wear something comfy and easy to sit in, but I wouldn't wear sweats. It makes you a little sloppy and you do better if you dress better!
  • Eat breakfast! I know you're nervous but eat some toast and juice or milk or SOMETHING before you go in!
  • Bring plenty of pencils with good erasers!
  • Leave your phone and other belongings in your car. That way you don't even have to deal with it.
  • Don't study the day of. It won't help, it'll mess you up.
  • Recheck your work but be careful when you erase answers! Most of the time your first instinct is right!
  • Bring water. Sometimes they offer it to you and sometimes it's juice or milk. You'll want water.
  • Go to the bathroom before and go again during your break!! EVEN IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU HAVE TO!
  • Bring a jacket. If it's cold, you won't be able to focus.
  • Say a prayer. Cliche, but it helps!
  • Don't stress about how many you need to get right or what essay score you need to pass. Use that time studying instead!
  • Read the whole question and all the answers.
  • Relax! You've studied hard and you'll do great:)
Happy Monday everyone and happy AP test week!

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