November 19

9:54 PM

Today I am grateful for books. I love reading more than just about anything. I love words and I love writing (see I'm writing a blog...weird right?) I can't get enough of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, or Pride and Prejudice, or A Tale of Two Cities, or Harry Potter, or any fiction novel full of cheesy lines and predictable plots. There's something to me about losing yourself in someone else's life, someone else's story. I can't tell you how many times I find myself writing a sentence about things that are going on in my life, snippets of a possible story that I'll probably never get around to writing. So as I am grateful for books and words and writers, I would like to share a few of these sentences or snippets. Here goes nothing.

She couldn't help being beautiful. There's just something about long eyelashes and deep blue eyes, framed under raven black hair that call up memories of princesses and dragons.

She didn't know if today was upside down or if she was. She just knew that for some reason, she couldn't move her mouth properly.

There's something exciting about a Monday, something unexpected and yet so mundane and ordinary you can't help but laugh about it.

The crisp air felt like September. It tasted like September. It smelt and felt and sounded like September. It was like sharp pencils and squeaky desks, new clothes and no scuff marks on the gym floor. That's what the wind was today.

Normally snow was her least favorite thing, but on a night like tonight it was too perfect. It fell softly like too much whipped cream, and was the most mesmerizing color under the street lights.

He sang songs, took out the trash, rubbed her feet, brought ice cream instead of flowers, shared his soda and popcorn, and always let her choose the movie. He was perfect.

She loved the way her high heels sounded on the pavement. A woman never stops traffic in ballet flats or tennis shoes; it's in heels.

Well enough for tonight:)

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