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I am behind in this blogging every day of November thing. So let's catch-up (once again) and get November taken care of eh?

November 22. Thanksgiving day. Today I am grateful for my knowledge of and opportunity to have an eternal family. My extended family is just awesome and I love spending time with them, especially during the holidays. They are wonderful people who make me laugh, sympathize when necessary, and never fail to ask what's going on in my life. I wouldn't be who I am without them and I am grateful for them all, from Grandpa down to little Lindsay.

November 23. It's the day after Thanksgiving, also known as BLACK FRIDAY. So today I am grateful for all the wonderful service workers who provide many services for me, and you, each day. From doctors, to firemen, to retail clerks, to lawyers, to police officers, to the computer guy, to the dentist, to cooks, to teachers, and all the other professions that allow me to live the way I live, thank you for all you do.

November 24. Today I am so grateful the talks I can have with my parents. I'm not perfect (mom can attest to that eh?) but I am so grateful my parents overlook that about me and always find the time to sit up and chat with me about anything even though I was rude ten minutes earlier. They're the best, and I love knowing they'll listen to me and also give the best advice about everything. So thanks Mom and Dad. Love you!

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