Be Prepared

11:23 PM

Be prepared for a HUGE post. I haven't posted in far too long and I have three days to cover!

November 16. Today I am grateful for the things that make my house, my house. I love the beautiful piano and the computer room and my bedroom and our kitchen and flopping on the living room couch and my chair in the basement and my closet and fold out mirrors. There's something amazing and wonderful about going home.

November 17. Today I am grateful that I had the chance to do Musical Productions. I am so blessed to have spent two years working with some amazing people and learning so much. I wouldn't trade my time in Productions for anything in the world. Curtains and Fiddler and the Revue's that came after were so perfect and I can't even explain it. There's something magical about showing up to the empty auditorium at 6:00 AM and dancing your heart out while trying to sing at the same time. There's something wonderful about sitting in Bonnie's basement and going over lines and songs and crying with everyone. There's something fun about staging the show and watching it fall together right before your eyes. There's something incredible about opening night and the anticipation before every single show. There's something amazing about singing and acting with your best friends and knowing they're right behind you. And something perfect about the flood of emotion you feel when you have to walk off for the last time and leave everything. So today I am grateful for every single person involved and every single memory I have of my time on that stage.

November 18. Today I am grateful for sleep. I didn't get a lot of that today. And then I took a nap. On Rachel's bed. With Rach and Sar and Al. And then Lau came in and promptly left again because we were all asleep. So today I am grateful for realizing how important sleep is and the fact that in two days I get to go home and do a lot more sleeping.

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