November 14

8:07 AM

So today I am grateful for church callings. I had the opportunity to go to a training meeting yesterday where Sister Burton, the Relief Society General President, was speaking. She was so amazing and it was incredible to get to learn from her. We are so blessed to have the church leaders that we do, and it was such an eye opener to me of all the things they do for this gospel. Sister Burton and Elder Lund of the 70 spoke about the Lord hastening his work, and how every single thing we do in the church is a manifestation of that hastening. Elder Lund talked about striking the set for a play, something I can relate to 100%. He talked about how the old set is being taken down and a new one is being put up for us, the actors. He told us that it's up to us to make sure the new "set" is ready and that we're ready for that new "set." I can't even explain the Spirit that Sister Burton brought to the meeting. It was amazing. I learned so many valuable things not only for my Relief Society sisters but also for the rest of my life. One of the final things she told us was that callings are a gift, and when we start viewing them as a gift that Heavenly Father has given us, they will truly become one. So today I am grateful for the calling I have right now and the callings I have had and will have. Every single calling is a gift, and I'm so grateful for the trust Heavenly Father placed in me to have church callings.

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