The Little Things

7:14 AM

I haven't posted in a while, college is just busy! Who would've guessed right? Today I want to give a shout out of sorts. So here's a thank you to the people who bring me hot chocolate or muffins just because they care. The people who send me texts telling me I'm doing a good job when I feel like I'm failing. The people who ask if I need anything when they see me. The people who tell me I look pretty when I don't. The people who are so excited to see me every single day. The people who tell me I'm making the right choice. The people who go on long rambling walks and listen to me give long, rambling speeches. The people who listen to my stories even though they probably don't care. The people who send me links to my favorite music so I can listen before I buy it. The people who send me emails reminding me they love me. The people who always love seeing me when I come home. The people who put for the effort to spend time with me. The people who just want me to be happy. The people who love me.

This list could go on and on. But...for the sake of time (meaning I'm supposed to be getting ready for school...) I'll cut it short.

Basically the moral of the story today is that people can be absolutely wonderful. Sometimes I know I let the few bad things that happen, that people say or do, dictate my whole day. I kinda did that yesterday. Now looking back at all the wonderful things that people did, it was a great day. So that's the goal I guess. To look at the good things people do for me and forget the not so good things.

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