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I'm not a huge Halloween fan. But it's weird how one of my least favorite holidays can make me miss home. At home the house has smelled like apple cider and cinnamon for a month. At home there are cute decorations everywhere and soup for dinner most of the week. At home my sisters are buzzing around figuring out their costumes and what to wear tonight. At home there is candy everywhere. Literally everywhere. At home they carved pumpkins and they're sitting on the front porch. There's a bowl of roasted pumpkin seeds next to three bowls of candy. I don't even like Halloween! Yet it's making me feel all nostalgic.

I guess it's a good reminder that these are the kinds of memories I want my kids to have.

As much as I miss home I love college. I love my friends and my roommates and my classes (even when they're hard) and my college family (bless their hearts....) and everything.

On another note. I was having a rough night the other night, and decided to go listen to some music. So I pulled up Youtube to listen to the deluxe T-Swift CD (I'm buying it soon. Don't worry.) And then for some reason clicked on a song by Lady Antebellum I had never heard. This is what I heard.


The Lord is looking out for me.

So while I'm missing home and the angels that I call my family, it's wonderful to know that I'm not alone here.

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