Randy here.

8:39 PM

Hehehe, don't judge me. I really like posting on Maddy's stuff. I hope she doesn't mind that i'm telling you guys about the last couple hours. Right now, we are just chilling in her apartment. We just barely got back from the Provo temple. I do love the temple. It's the best. Before we went to the temple, we went to the Pizza Pie cafe. Mmmmm. Tasty stuff. Also, there were a ton of little children sitting around us. They were all so cute.

So, Maddy has been really busy recently. She won't tell you this, but she has been really really stressed. It's been busy up here. She's so tough about it though. She has been really good at handling all the ish coming her way. She also won't tell you that she is freaking brilliant. She's been doing so well in school...really busy, but she's doing great. It isn't really a surprise. She's too smart. :) Anyway, we are going to go make some cookie dough. DON'T TELL MADDY IT WAS ME!!

Randy out. :):)

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