Clean clean clean!!

7:21 AM

Our apartment is clean!! It's nothing short of a miracle. The even bigger miracle is that we did awesome on our cleaning checks! She said our house looked wonderful :) After spending most of Monday with vacuum cords in the hallway and everyone smelling like cleaning supplies, we have done it. So. We celebrated by cookies and staying up late doing all the studying we didn't do while we were cleaning. Also....we placed bets on how our lives are going to turn out. They think I'm going to be married first, which isn't funny. Or true. And that I'm going to live in Paris and then Utah and have four or five children and so on and so forth. Basically I love my roommates.

I woke up this morning to chocolate chip muffins.
I love my roommates :)

Also. Taylor Swift's idea to slowly release her album is like torture and wonderfulness at the same time. Because after I listen to the new song 17482447275 times in a row...I want another one. OH WAIT FOOLED YOU IT ISN'T EVEN RELEASED YET. Needless to say October 22 will be a blessed day in this house. Well for Rachel and I anyway :)

Also. I get to see my Grandma on Friday and I am so excited!!!!! I haven't seen her in far too long and I'm excited to spend a weekend catching up and spending time with my whole family together.

Our FHE brothers are hilarious. And awkward. OH BLESS HIS HEART.

That is all :)

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