Story Time

9:13 AM

Here's a little story :)

Once upon a time there was a bird. This little bird was great until one day, right before she was supposed to learn how to fly, she saw a bug. This bug convinced her to stay on the ground.

So she stayed with the bug.

Until she learned that the bug made her protect him from all the other animals that might eat him. He made her provide shelter for him in the rain and help him find food. She kept staying with the bug because the bug would tell her how wonderful and strong she was, how much he loved her protection and how much he appreciated her. But the bug could do nothing for the bird in return, and the bird never expected anything back.

Once she saw all the other birds flying, and realized she was on the ground with a good-for-nothing bug, she decided to leave the bug. The bug was angry and swore he would never compliment or flatter her again if she left.

The bird was very very sad. Then, another bird approached. The other bird told her she was a very beautiful bird and that she should spread her wings and learn to fly. The bird was skeptical to listen to this other bird, after all, the bug had taken advantage of the bird. This other bird might do the same.

The other bird said he would teach her how to fly. So they practiced every day. And they chirped with laughter at some things and cried together when the bird fell. One day while practicing, the bug crawled by and laughed and laughed, saying that the bird would never learn how to fly. She was good for nothing. The second bird dried her tears and told her that she would fly one day.

Slowly, the bird learned to trust the other bird. One night, the other bird said he thought she was ready to fly. The bird was very excited. She asked him to come with her, but he said no. It was something she had to do herself. She said she would rather stay on the ground with him than fly alone. The other bird said no, then he would be no better than the bug.

So the next day, she flew. Alone.

And after she learned to fly alone, they flew. Together.

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