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These girls are pretty great. Basically, productions is pretty great. And we get to sing again tomorrow. I wanted to share something I learned from productions that I think a lot of people need to learn. I realize that not a lot of people read this little blog, but I need to say this for me. So I have on record that I learned this and I can know how important it is.

Let go.

Some people are supposed to be in your life forever. Some people only have a paragraph or a page or a chapter in your life story. Don't ever regret that page, but don't let it ruin the rest of them. I love every single person I met in productions last year and this year, as well as friends I had in the past. I will never, ever regret the time I spent with them because of the things I learned. But if I lived my life for the rest of time wishing for that back, pouring my energy into the things that are gone, it would be a complete waste. I'm not saying I will ever not keep in touch with those people or remember and laugh about all the good times. I'm just saying that they are going to shift in my heart, from being such a huge part in the present, to being a part of the past. You can't keep every character from your life exactly where they are. Don't try to, because then you loose the chance to meet the characters that need to be in the now. I love every friend I've had, the Viewmont kids, the productions kids, girls from ballet, and all the childhood friends that I don't really remember. But the important thing is to keep people in perspective. Who needs to be in your life now? Who needs to be a great memory that you sometimes get to say hi to in the grocery store? Who needs to be someone that you let go of? That's all.

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