Joy in the journey

8:19 PM

So today was a little crazy, staying at the school for a while, then homework and chores at home. But when I was running around playing tag with a little girl while waiting to go onstage, I realized that life really is about the small things. I couldn't help but laugh with her while we were going crazy. I was there with Randy which made it even more fun. It kind of scared me to think that within five years, I could have a little girl of my own. I'm pretty sure I'm not ready for that. But maybe I will be at some point, I guess I have to be, right? ;) I love kids even though sometimes I dislike babysitting. I think I didn't like babysitting back when I thought I was missing out on so much to be there instead. But I realized that I wasn't missing anything, that I was gaining things. I wish I had more time to babysit the kids in my neighborhood. But soon, I'll have my own and I'll be begging for babysitters!! Until then, I need to find joy in the journey. Life is just a big old journey, and you win the game when you figure out how to be happy :)

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