Isn't it high time?

8:14 AM

Thinking of him.
Telling the truth when nobody's willing to tell him the truth.
Fighting for him....
Thinking it over, that's what I think I do.
Well isn't it time,
Isn't it high time...I was thinking of me too.

I messed up a long time ago. And I'm sick of you punishing me for it. I can't apologize any more. And you haven't apologized once. You broke me. You made me not be able to trust. You should be the one apologizing.

We had a seminary lesson on treating women with respect. I realized that you aren't even close to treating me like that, and to be honest, you never did. I hate that you treat other girls with that respect but you can't even give a fraction of it to me. You took things from me that you can never give back. And you can't manage any civility at all? You think that you're going to spend time with my best friends and not have to talk to me? You're dead wrong.

Forgive and forget. But don't ignore. Don't disrespect. Don't be rude. I forgot and I want to start over. Things can't ever be like they were. But they don't have to be like this. But you won't give an inch. And I'm sick of feeling like it's my fault. We both made huge mistakes.

"I cannot bear to think that he is alive in the world...
...and thinking ill of me." --Pride and Prejudice

This quote has been occupying my thoughts. And I need to push it out. But the fact that you're out there, and you aren't thinking well of me. It kills.

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