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8:07 PM

Said with a smile, felt with a kiss, stamped into every Friday night bliss.
Noticed with glances, giggles, and grins, and seen as the blush rises onto her skin.
Heard in the laugh of fun with the crowd, times when neither has to say it out loud.
Safe in the hugs that go on and on, sleepy in conversations lasting till dawn.
Comfy with blankets, cuddled up close and serious when it matters the most.
Dreamy in time spent too far apart, loud in the beating of his nervous heart.
Rushed in last minute times of goodbye, deliberate to quickly apologize.
Whispered so softly as she falls asleep, held in the teddy bear she'll always keep.
Sung in the songs from their favorite soundtrack, memorized from all the times they sang back.
Written in letters poems and songs, captured in snapshots all the way along.
Dressed in her outfit he loves the most, trapped when he grabs her and pulls her in close.
Sweet in the treats he always brings, disappointed when one of them misses something.
Chivalrous as he pulls open the door, daring as he goes in for one more.
Promising as the fight is resolved, hopeful when he finally calls.
Carefree in days full of lazy fun, gentle as darling, sweetheart and hon.
Crazy in long nights chock full of work, unique in all the fun little quirks.
It's complex, intricate intense too, yet simple and breathtaking.
I love you.

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