Better Together

8:17 AM

Homecoming. It was perfect. There isn't another word to describe it. The week leading up to Homecoming was kind of shakey, but Thursday started the flip to the great weekend that it was. The parade was awesome and some hot chocolate after was great :) Then a crazy fun football game...getting chocolate...and relay races at Classic...great night:) The day of Homecoming was LONG because I was so ready to go!!! Randy came, looking awesome and bringing some GOREGOUS flowers. Then we went and took pictures, got mocked for "engagement's" or something...then off to dinner where some...unexpected people were. Had tons of fun talking to the waitress and singing happy to dancing the night away with all of my really good friends, bringing back the "corner," then back to sweats and falling asleep while watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, and the car ride home, then falling asleep with music still swirling in my head. It was perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I really think we are better together:)

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